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Rates & Reservations

Image by Chantal Garnier

"Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it."

- Rumi


Garden or Walking Tour

On a two-hour walking tour, discover the historical, cultural, and botanical highlights of an area in Paris or one of the city's emblematic green spaces that help define today’s urban layout. Photographers will also delight in the diverse architecture & scenes of everyday life and the horticultural collections and seasonal flower beds that can be explored throughout Paris.

Fee: 200 Euros

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Garden or Walking Tour

A half-day walking tour allows you the opportunity to experience a slice of daily life in France.  In addition to visiting the monuments and smaller museums, there is time to enjoy a café, visit an open-air market or window shop.  A four-hour garden tour allows you to discover several smaller gardens or two of the more extensive gardens with a greater understanding of garden styles' evolution and the urban development that took place in Paris over the centuries.  It is also possible to concentrate on a specific garden style or plant species, with such tours as The Rose Lovers tour, In the Steps of André LeNôtre, Giverny, the Picturesque Gardens of the 18th century, Versailles, or the 21st-century gardens in Paris.

Fee: 350 Euros (four hours)

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Full-day Garden Tour or Excursion

Enjoy the ultimate pleasure of a full-day garden tour and select several of your favorite gardens within the City or by traveling further afield to some of the finer chateaux, estates or museums outside of Paris. Several exciting Plant Shows take place every spring and fall with nurseries and plant enthusiasts from all over Europe.

Fee: 600 Euros (eight hours)

Things to consider

My garden tours can be adapted to your level of interest and endurance. Whether you are a landscaper, fervent gardener, or complete neophyte, the many beautiful parks, gardens, and squares offer an enchanting gateway to the French joie de vivre.

When curating an experience, I often encourage guests to think about their personal interests - what period of history or artistic style are you most curious about, what interests you the least? 

And lastly, France's gardens can be enjoyed year-round, so please be in touch regardless of the season or size of your group to customize your experience.

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