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Trips throughout France

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Over the years, my catalogue of destinations on offer has expanded beyond Paris and its environs to include botanical visits throughout all of France and Tuscany. On these excursions, I share with you and your group my favorite sites, the historical highlights, and secret havens typically revealed only to those who seek them out.

Below is a sampling of previous trips I have organized for various clients - from intimate family tours to well-organized retreats for companies and associations. These itineraries often include luxury accomodations, transportation to and from hotels, meals and wine, along with various scheduled activities like walking tours, cooking classes, garden excursions, wine tastings, and museum visits.

Please be in touch if you are interested in crafting your own bespoke tour for your group. Whatever the size or season, there is an itinerary for you.

Sampling of Destinations on Offer


Just as the glorious days of summer begin to shorten, please join me for a delicious and delightful stay in the southwest of France for 4 days and 3 nights of discoveries and pleasure. Often described as the Tuscany of France, this region its history is closely linked to the two rivers flowing to the north, the Dordogne, and to the south, the Garonne. Multiple tributaries and canals have carved the landscape here and irrigate these rural counties and lush valleys. We will be staying on the cusp of the Lot et Garonne and traveling into the Périgord region. Our unique itinerary will enchant your eyes and palette while creating memories for a lifetime.



The hillsides behind the city of Nice form an amphitheater overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and benefit from great weather and a unique quality of light that continues to draw crowds. Gardeners and perfumers were particularly attracted to its beauty, climate, and natural resources, thereby making the city of Grasse the worlds perfume capital from the 17th century onward. On this garden tour, we will explore some private gardens nestled in the hills around the city of Grasse as well as several activities to help you enjoy, understand and even take back home with you the beauty and scents of the Côte d’Azur.



After living and traveling extensively in France, I discovered a lesser-known corner of paradise off the coast of Brittany. Since then, I have returned once or twice a year and walked its entire perimeter. Our 5-day excursion will include historical and botanical visits as well as two artistic experiences in addition to sharing with you some of my favorite locations and secret sanctuaries atthis heavenly destination. As unique additions to this year's trip, I have also organized a BBQ lunch on the beach and an evening meal at my new summer home in the tiny hamlet of Kerouac.

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Normandy's lush landscapes have enraptured travelers for centuries, and their gardens have inspired painters, writers, and other gardeners from around the world.  Join us for this 10-day garden tour to discover both public gardens and private estate by special appointment, picturesque landscapes, and charming villages.  We will explore the Normandy coastline and pay homage to the WWII soldiers who liberated Normandy. During a visit to Giverny, the home and gardens of Claude Monet, we will meet the head gardener who brought them back to life after the artist's death. We will also spend a day at the equestrian capital of France and enjoying regional cuisine, architecture, and the cultural identity of one of this country's most fertile provinces.  



Tuscany is renowned for its culture, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking art and beauty. Led by garden specialist Amy Kupec Larue, this carefully crafted 8-day itinerary has been designed for the Pacific Horticulture Society, exploring the charms of this cherished land. Our program has a lovely combination of historical and contemporary gardens, villas, and palaces to visit while also enjoying the culinary delights of this land, complete with a farm-to-table cooking class experience.


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